Counterpoint Arts

Counterpoints Arts is a leading national organisation in the field of arts, migration and social change. Their mission is to support and produce the arts by and about migrants and refugees, seeking to ensure that their contributions are recognised and welcomed within British arts, history and culture. Central to that mission is belief in the ability of the arts to inspire social change and enhance inclusion & cultural integration of refugees & migrants. They work across all art forms and collaborate with a range of people and partners: artists, arts/cultural and educational organisations and civil society activists. They manage the Platforma network and Refugee Week.

Freedom From Torture

Freedom From Torture is a national charity with a vision of a world free from torture. Its centres across the UK provide therapeutic support and expert medical assessments to support survivors’ asylum claims, and uses its expertise and evidence to protect and promote survivors’ rights and hold torturers to account. 

Its projects include Write to Life, the world's first creative writing group for  survivors of torture. In the past 15 years, group members have written for online and print publications and developed and performed live theatre, music and film projects.

Right to remain

Right To Remain is a UK-based human rights organization. They work with communities, groups and organisations across the UK, providing information, resources, training and assistance to help people to establish their right to remain and to challenge injustice in the immigration and asylum system. 

Queen Mary legal advice centre

Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre (QMLAC) provide free legal advice to members of the public, staff and students at Queen Mary University of London. They act as a first-tier advice agency: providing preliminary advice on the strength of the client’s case, the processes that need to be followed, and an explanation of complex legal issues. Clients come to the advice centre from a wide variety of backgrounds and present a wide range of legal issues.

The award-winning Legal Advice Centre was opened by its Patron, Lord Goldsmith, in 2006. Since it’s opening, the Centre has advised over 1481 clients.

Glasgow refugee asylum migration network -gramnet

GRAMNet aims to bring together researchers and practitioners, NGOs and policy makers working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The network is currently funded by The University of Glasgow, whose academic community has a wide range of expertise in relation to these areas. The City of Glasgow is host to the largest population of refugees and asylum seekers under the dispersal policy as well as having a history of hosting large communities of migrants.

The organisation is an internationally recognised research network that encourages interdisciplinary work.